A Visit in Old Rauma

Old Rauma by seasons

Old Rauma is a splendid unity during each season. Old Rauma is valuable because of its cultural history but it is nothing like a dusty museum. It is the centre of activity.

Sun in the spring time makes the colours of the houses in Old Rauma shine in a special way. Red, green, yellow, and other lovely colours. During the summer, the atmosphere is very international. The streets of Old Rauma bustle with visitors from all over the world. The gardens bloom and the atmosphere is laid-back. Different events also bring more life to the area. In autumn, the narrow streets with warm lightning call for a walk.

Winter and especially the Christmas time in Old Rauma are very special. The original milieu with its events and a charming boutiques invite even the busiest people to enjoy the calming atmosphere of Christmas. Have a break, taste the delicacies, and let your mind rest in the idyllic Old Rauma while doing the Christmas shopping.


There are clear road signs in the city to guide you to Old Rauma. It is possible to explore Rauma in advance with the map service or to order a map from Rauma Tourist Information.

It is preferable to avoid driving a car in Old Rauma. There are only a few parking places in the area. In the side areas of Old Rauma there are four fairly big parking areas, which are within a short walking distance from the attractions in the old town. See more information about parking in Rauma.

Rauma bus station is next to Old Rauma.


The numerous shopping possibilities, such as personal specialized shops selling clothes or gifts, and especially many interior design shops attract people with their versatile supplies. There are more than 100 charming boutiques in the area. And what’s best, all the shops are located within walking distances with each other. Most of the shops are open on weekdays 9.00-17.00 and on Saturdays 10.00-14.00. Remember to check the opening hours before your arrival. See more information about the shopping possibilities in Old Rauma.